Old School Wrestling fans, Powerslam presents with pride, this tribute to the many great wrestlers who worked the
Virgina/West Virginia/Carolina's
Jim Crockett Senior Promotions events from 1966-1971, the years I watched
All Star Championship Wrestling" hosted by Bob Caudle, every Saturday and spent my Thursdays at the
Norfolk City Arena, later my Fridays at the Strawberry Hill Fairgrounds in Richmond Va., and on occasion, I would
even catch the Charleston West Va Events when visiting my brother -in-law, Fred Behny , who was in the Marines
and worked out of Charleston. We'll be adding more as we come across them. There are Several fine websites out
there with much more info than we have on these stars, this page is just a personal tribute to all the grappler's who
impressed this young fan enough to have him later become the
Dark Angel. This is in NO WAY a complete listing!
We'll be adding others soon. These guys were all the stuff! They really had talent...Thanks Guys!
The Kentuckians
Tiny(Grizzly Smith) Anderson & Luke ( Big Boy) Brown
Missouri Mauler                Pampero Firpo
The Worlds Famous Masked Infernos
Frankie Cain & Rocky Smith
With J C Dykes
Rip "The Profile" Hawk & Swede Hanson
The Anderson Brothers
The Scott Brothers
George & Sandy
Johnny Weaver                       George Becker
Roger Kirby & Les Thatcher
Silento Rodriguez  & Greg Peterson
William "Haystacks" Calhoun
George " Two Ton" Harris
"General" Homer O'Dell
Art Nelson
"Bulldog" Lee Henning
Luther Lindsay
Gene Dundee
Jan Madrid
Rudy Kay
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