Ht    .6'2"  Wt

Debut::     1974

Organizations Work For: AWA-NWA-USWA

1st match:                Tommy Gilbert  

Titles Held:           
                          WWA TAG TEAM
                          WWA HW BELT
                          NWF HW BELT
                          CCW TAGTEAM
                          GWA HW BELT
                          PWA US HW BELT
                          HPW HW BELT
                          MCIW HW BELT
                          MCIW TAG
TEAM                                             LWF HW BELT
                          LWA HW BELT
                          WWS US HW BELT

Toughest Opponent:  Harley Race

Fueded With:          Mil Mascaras
                            Doug Gilbert
                            The Spoiler
                            Ric Flair
                            Tommy Rich
                            Greg Valentine
                            Great Wojo
                            Dark Angel
                            Dr Jerry Graham
                            BullDog Don Kent

Trained:by                 Bo Bo Brazil Sr.

Other Ring Name:   Disco Dogg-
                            Jim Burks-
                            Sweet Brown Sugar
                            Calypso Jim

Favorite Wrestler:      Superstar Billy Graham
Powerslam Power Profile #2
Brazil Jr.
Power-Star Son Of A Legend!
Following in the footsteps of his father and mentor, BoBo Brazil, Bo didn't want to "make it" based on the family name, he instead
opted to wrestle under a variety of names until he felt he had proved himself, which he has done tenfold!...Since his debut in 1974,
Bo has thrilled fans world wide with the winning combination of brute strength and natural wrestling ability...His list of legendary
opponents is impressive by any standard. Longtime fans still talk about his over decade long feud with
Dark Angel and his band of
hired thugs known collectively as
Damage Inc. which began in 1986 and continues to this day...Bo has learned he can never be
sure where or when the
Angel will show up at an event, causing his usual trouble! One things is for sure, after over 3 decades, Bo is
still going strong, and claims to have many more years left in him, and the fans are thankful for that! You can check Bo out at his
MySpace page:

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