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The Superstars of Powerslam Pro Wrestling
Dark Angel has hand raised in victory by
The Bounty Hunters at Ohio event.
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"Superstar" TJ Powers defends his heavyweight
title against
Brian "The Crippler" Costello.
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Bobo Brazil Jr. battles
Doc Ravage at Indiana event.
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TV announcer Chris Ecker & Dark Angel
at TV taping. Click Image to enlarge.
Brian "The Crippler" Costello clashes with
Bobo Brazil Jr. in Ohio.
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Images from Hardcore Streetfight.
Ronnie Vegas bloodies Ray Orndorff in a
hardcore Streetfight.
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Diceman Ronnie Vegas on way to the
hardcore streetfight.
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The Dark Angel prior to match
in Indianapolis.
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Dark Angel & The Iron Sheik joined
forces for several Indiana/Michigan
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Diceman Ronnie Vegas battles the comic
book hero,
The Knight Watchman.
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Ray Orndorff breaks broomstick on back
of  The
Diceman during the streetfight!
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Dr. Jerry Graham Jr plots
his strategy at a Novi Mi. event
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Iron Shiek pounds Andy "Job Boy"
at Novi Michigan  Event
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Full Force; Bobo Brazil Jr & Andy Chene
team with
Dan "The Beast" Severn
against Dark Angel's Damage Inc.
at an Adrian Michigan event.
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Brian "The Crippler" Costello suplexes
Flying Andy Chene of Full Force while
Chene's manager Dr.Jerry Graham Jr.
watches from ringside In Novi Mi.
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Legends Dick The Bruiser and
Ox Baker battle in this
1970's Indianapolis match.
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