Wrestling Legends & Superstars
With Manager J C Dykes
The Masked Infernos, along with their manager, the
tuxedo clad
J C Dykes, were one of the 1960s-early 70s
greatest tag teams, with gimmicks like the loaded boot,
the loaded mask, the fireball, no tag switch/replacement,
and of course,
Mr. Dykes' canteen and whistle.
We'll be adding more info as we get it, in the meantime,
here are some general facts:
The Infernos were, at different times:
Frankie Cain , From Ft. Walton Beach Florida, and who
later gained fame as The
Great Mephisto, with the
fireball & loaded boot gimmick,
Rocky Smith followed by Smith's younger brother
Curtis Smith (from Carrolton, GA) who was an Inferno
several years later with
Ron Gibson.
In 1972:
Doug Gilbert & Curtis Smith debuted as The
New Infernos
defeating the west coast team of Pantera
Negra & El Sicodelico
. They would later win the
Georgia Tag Tam titles from
Eddie & Mike Graham.
They would lose and re-win the titles to
Mr. Wrestling II
& Bob Orton Jr..
JC Dykes
, their manager would later dub them The
Super Infernos
~~Others who have been Infernos were
Doug (Gilbert)
Lindsay, Eric (Stan Vachon) Pomeroy, Mike
and Kurt Von Brauner.
retired in 1976 and later became a minister, he
passed away in 1993,
Rocky Smith passed several
years ago,
Frankie Cain, The Infernos creator, has
been retired from the ring for some time and has
authored a book for
Crowbar Press.
Partial List Of Titles held:
NWA (Florida) World Tag Team titles (4);
NWA (Texas) World Tag Team titles;
NWA (Tennessee) World Tag Team titles;
NWA Florida Tag Team titles (2);
NWA Georgia Tag Team titles (2);
AWA Southern Tag Team titles;
NWA (Texas) World Tag Team titles defeating Terry &
Dory Funk Jr. (September 28, 1968);
Some Carreer Highlights:
1.)Late 1966: The Infernos defeated Joe Blanchard &
Buddy Moreno for NWA (Texas) World Tag Team titles in
2.)January 1967: The Infernos defeated Lester Welch &
Buddy Fuller for NWA (Florida) World Tag Team titles..
3.)March 1967: The Infernos w/J.C. Dykes defeated Eddie
Graham & Sam Steamboat to regain NWA (Florida) World
Tag Team titles.
4.)April 1967: The Infernos w/J.C. Dykes defeated The
Spoilers w/Saul Weingroff to win the NWA (Tennessee)
World Tag Team titles.
5.)September 1967: The Infernos defeated Wahoo
McDaniel & Jose Lothario to regain the NWA (Florida)
Tag Team titles in Tampa.
6.)Spring 1968: The Infernos (minus J.C. Dykes) attacked
the wrestlers in the ring during "Championship Wrestling
from Florida"
~~~These Infrenos claim that Dykes' Infernos are
imposters! These Infernos wreak havoc for several weeks
on Television.
~~~The Tag Team Champion Infernos returned to Florida
and a Masks versus Titles match is booked!
7.)Spring 1968: The Infernos defeated The Infernos
w/J.C. Dykes to capture the NWA (Florida) World Tag
Team titles.
~~~During their relebation, the heel Infernos unmasked to
reveal themselves as Gulf Coast Champions, Bobby &
Lee Fields!!!
8.)Spring 1968: The Infernos w/J.C. Dykes defeated The
Fields Brothers to regain the NWA World Tag Team titles
in a blood bath!
9.)August 8, 1968: Inferno #2 (clubfoot) defeated Dory
Funk Sr. for the NWA North American Heavyweight Title in
Amarillo, Texas..
10.)September 28, 1968: The Infernos defeated Terry &
Dory Funk Jr. for the NWA (Texas) World Tag Team titles
in Amarillo, Texas.
11.)January 1, 1971: The Infernos defeated Danny Miller
& Jose Lothario to win NWA (Florida) Tag Team titles in
12.)Januray 10, 1972: The Infernos defeated The
Australians (Larry O'Dea & Frank Monte) to win the NWA
(Florida) Tag Team titles.
13.)September 10, 1972: The Infernos defeated Eddie &
Mike Graham to capture the Georgia Tag Team titles.
14.)February 1973: The Infernos defeated Mr. Wrestling II
& Bob Orton Jr to win the Georgia Tag Team titles.
15.)April 1974: The Infernos defeated Tommy Gilbert &
Eddie Marlin to win the AWA Southern Tag Team titles.

The creator and original
Inferno, Frankie Cain, has
published his memoirs and has a column he does for
Scott Teal' s Wrestling Legends Site, called Mephisto's
, check it out:
Scott's Crowbar Press is dedicated to the memory of the
CLASSIC 1960's Wrestling superstars, with several books
about the biz, as told by the stars that built it!
Also, be sure to check out our
My Space Infernos page:
There's more info, photo's, even the Un-masked
, so give it a look!    Thanks -Angel
        Frankie Cain           Rocky Smith
        The Original & Greatest Infernos!
Doug Gilbert & Curtis Smith,
The Super Infernos
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